Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteer Application Form

Supplementary Application Form for Volunteer Drivers

Would you like to help your local community and become an occasional or regular OBL Good Neighbour Volunteer?  This is an extremely flexible style of volunteering - you can choose on each occasion you are phoned by the coordinator for a particular task whether you can help with that task or not (if not, we just phone the next volunteer on our list). 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering for any (or all) of these volunteer roles:

  • Volunteer Driver (please complete both application forms above)
  • Volunteer for Neighbourly Help eg gardening, shopping, chatting over tea, dog walking, one-off household task.
  • Telephone Coordinator - a crucial role in order to enable OBL Good Neighbours to operate, and a role you can do at home or if you are out and about with your mobile phone. This involves answering the phone calls from clients, made to our OBLGN number which is simply redirected to the rotating weekly Telephone Coordinator’s home phone (or our OBLGN mobile phone). Would you be willing to receive the OBLGN phone calls for a week (regularly or occasionally), note down the client and the task, and phone/email our volunteers to match a volunteer to the task/client? We can’t operate OBLGN without Telephone Coordinators - please help if you can. To be a coordinator does not need a big time commitment but it does require someone who is reliable and well organised. You should like helping people, have empathy, be a good listener and enjoy communicating by phone and email.

Some volunteers end up helping once a week or fortnight, whilst others might only be able to help once a month or less.  Some volunteers work full-time and can only help during an evening or weekend or day off occasionally, whilst other volunteers are retired or unemployed and keen to help more frequently and are available during weekdays too.  We have all ages of people phoning to ask for neighbourly help; it’s great to have all ages of volunteers on our potential list of people potentially available to help.  Please get in touch (with application form above if you are already decided) if you would be willing to join the growing bank of volunteers we have so that we can all help more people in our local community here in Old Basing and Lychpit.  Thank you!

Coordinating Committee Volunteer Roles:

We are always looking for people to join us on the OBLGN steering/co-ordinating committee.  Very few meetings (just 3 or 4 ‘coffee gatherings’ per year), and very informal, but vital to enable the OBLGN to exist, develop and flourish.  If you would like to discuss joining us to help in this way (which would be wonderful!) please contact Sarah, Sue (07787520280) or Anne.

Coordinating Committee consists of: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Safeguarding Officer, Publicity/Marketing, and others sought to join the team.

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