OBLGN Tasks Log - Telephone Coordinators’ log and guidelines - (accessible by Telephone Coordinators only)
Volunteers List - Contact details for volunteers (accessible by Telephone Coordinators only)
Client List - Contact details for regular clients (accessible by Telephone Coordinators only)
Client Risk Assessment Form (for use by Telephone Coordinators)
Telephone Coordinators Schedule - who’s manning the telephone which week

Volunteer Information:

New Volunteers:

If you would like to become an OBLGN volunteer, that would be wonderful!  Please complete our OBLGN Volunteer Application Form and contact Sue (OBLGN Chair) to complete a DBS form (DBS checks free through OBLGN - all Good Neighbours volunteers need a DBS certificate but it’s quick, easy and free). Once your volunteer application form has been received, and your DBS certificate is through, you’ll then receive your OBLGN Volunteer Pack (which includes your ID Badge, GNSS Volunteers Handbook, ID Badge etc) and be ready to help. See further information on roles: Becoming a Volunteer

Telephone Coordinator Volunteers particularly needed - please consider volunteering as an occasional or frequent OLBGN Telephone Coordinator.  We can’t operate without somebody being there on the end of the telephone to receive phonecalls from people seeking help.  The Telephone Coordinator has a vital role to play because they link people requesting help with the volunteers who provide it.  You can do this from your own home: the OBLGN phone number is simply diverted to your phone, and has answerphone. 

How OBL Good Neighbours works - for Clients phoning and for Volunteers responding:

When a ‘client’ telephones for assistance via the main OBLGN phone number, the Telephone Coordinator for that week receives the call and logs the client’s name and the date and details of the task and completes with the client on the phone the Risk Assessment form (if not done so previously).  The client may receive the answerphone if the Coordinator isn’t available, but if they leave a message the Coordinator should be able to call them back within 24hrs.  It’s ideal if clients can book ahead for neighbourly help or transport, but it’s also fine to call near the time too. The Telephone Coordinator will phone/email around the OBLGN bank of volunteers until a volunteer is found who is available to help the client with the task or transport request.  The volunteer is given the client and task details by the Telephone Coordinator; then the volunteer contacts the client directly and makes final arrangements, completes the task on the agreed date/time, and logs details of task completed in OBLGN central Tasks Log online (see Tasks Log link above) or on the paper copy via Telephone Coordinator.  

Resources, Forms and Guidelines for Volunteers:

Guidelines for Telephone Coordinator Volunteers 

GNSS Volunteer Driver Guidelines

Lone Working Policy & Volunteers Guidelines

Volunteer Expenses Claim Form

Guidelines for Client Donations & Volunteer Expenses

Volunteer appointments Card Templates (for volunteers to use themselves if they wish)

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